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Welcome to my wiki. This is a compilation of everything that I know.

What is this?

I spend a lot of time online. This wiki is a way for me to catalog the things that I find as well as organize my notes and writings.

How does it work?

All of the information is hosted on my Github and written in Markdown. Content is organized into topics and contains raw notes, links to projects, and references. Although the wiki is mostly for personal use, I try to write in a way that makes it accessible for anyone.

How do I use it?

Feel free to start with the sidebar and poke around for topics you find interesting. You can also use the search bar for keywords.

Get in touch.

You can provide comments by editing this repository on Github.

If you want to reach out directly, you can reach me at philmohun (at)

I also write blogs on Medium, post short stories on my website, publish a weekly newsletter, and think aloud on Twitter.

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